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CAPEX - Thesans Energy


For the last decade; industrial, commercial and residential entities have faced continuous price escalation, which is further expected to soar over next few decades, owing to India being a power deficit country. At Thesan Energy, we help plan against rising impact of electricity cost, which is a hindrance for efficient business functioning. We assess the needs of the entity and make self reliant for its power requirement through cost effective captive solar generation and help generate better cash flows from the business.

The benefits of CAPEX includes

  • Accelerated Depreciation (A.D.) of 40% thereby saving net 13.2% in taxes first year for capital invested.
  • Benefit of net metering policy thereby facilitating export of unused generation.
  • No incremental expenditure, except O&M expenses, thereby saving 90% + electricity cost for power generated over Project lifecycle.
  • Easy financing from banks for setting up solar generation system.
  • A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative helpful in brand building.
OPEX - Thesans Energy


For small and medium commercial cum industrial entities, it is difficult to sustain ever rising cost escalation of electricity and weak cash flow to support initial capital investment to setup captive generation units. At Thesan Energy, we offer cost saving solutions through BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) model. Our Financial investors would setup power generation system, at their own cost, over the entities rooftop or unused premises and sign a long term PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) at lower cost compared to current outflow, thereby lowering expenses and generating incremental cash flows without any capital investments.

The benefits of OPEX includes

  • No initial capital investment, 10 to 30% lower unit cost through long term PPA.
  • Transfer of generating asset at no or nominal cost after the completion of PPA tenure thereby amounting to 90% + savings thereafter.
  • A CSR (corporate Social Responsibility) initiative helpful in brand building